Night of the White Hallows



The little ninja skipped all the way to Miss Hazel’s house with Hermione by his side. Pale moonlight started spreading across the sky, and the wooded neighborhood. October chill sent shivers through the kids, thrilling them in a way, known only to them.

“Do you think Miss Hazel would like us dressed this way?”Asked six-year-old Pablo, enjoying his just acquired new identity, albeit for just a night.

“Don’t be dumb Pablo. All this is fun, and she knows it is Halloween,” replied Sofia, with the wisdom of all her eight years, rightly impatient with her curious brother. Pablo started swishing his lancer enjoying the sound of the light metal attachments sewn into his costume. Ever since he had watched “Ninja go” on the TV, he longed to be the part of the group. He loved his “sword of fire.” Yes, Kai is his role model.

“You are supposed to be a witch, aren’t you?” Pablo looked at Sofia with laughter lurking behind his big brown eyes.

“That’s silly, really. All this is just make-believe.”

“Can’t make-believe become true?” asked Pablo with real curiosity.


May be it could turn out to be so, with the night known to bring out the spirits of all regions to earth.


There are a number of cotton trees ahead of the duo. White flowers covered their branches, and it seemed as though they were entering a field of white hallows. They stopped to watch the whiteness and felt somewhat giddy. It is like a wonderland with clouds spread around them.

Suddenly, there are four ninjas walking from the opposite side.

“Oh my God, Akka!(older sister in Telugu) who are they?”

“Come on Pablo, you can do better than that. They are just like us, dressed in costumes for the Halloween.”

“But they are much bigger than me. ‘Ninja go’ are not that big,” observed Pablo, quite concerned.

Then he heard Sofia gasp, and stop as if she saw something magical.

“Look Pablo! I can’t believe this! Harry Potter and his friend are coming this way!”


“Akka, they are coming! I’m scared.” Pablo’s eyes filled with unshed tears.  He clutched his sister’s hand.

Soon two teenage guys stopped before them. Harry looked amused at Sofia’s appearance. His eyes twinkled behind the glasses.

“Sofia, would like some magic? Hermione couldn’t come as she had to go to an advanced course in vanishing acts.”

Sofia looked up hesitantly at the guy who fascinated her through the large volumes she’s been reading for months, with his adventures, good deeds and courage. It is absolutely a dream, she thought.

“Yes, Mr. Potter, if you don’t mind.”

“Call me Harry,” he said, putting his hand up in the air.

“What would you like?” asked, Harry.

“Oh, more of your books and more fun,” came up her response promptly.

“I want some really interesting Lego sets,” Pablo said, tugging at Harry’s sleeve.

“Sure, young man. Be a little patient.”


Suddenly, the kids realized they were in the air. They flew over Atlanta, and as Harry pointed out, saw their friends’ houses in different locations. They were moving at a slow speed, spotted Georgia Tech, their school, their principal Miss. Brown’s pretty house, the aquarium and the big public park. They laughed with excitement enjoying every moment.


They didn’t realize when exactly they reached home. They simply walked through the front porch into the living room.

“Oh, there you are. Where on earth have you been? We just rang up Miss. Hazel.  She said you didn’t turn up at her house,” said their mom, worry creasing her eyebrows.

“Mom, you won’t believe it; we met Harry Potter,” said the kids in unison.

Their parents looked at each other incomprehensively.

“Go wash your feet, change into pajamas and get into bed. we can talk about it in the morning,” said their dad.


Next morning, Sofia woke up and was tossing about in her bed.

“Sofia! Come down this minute,” her mom’s voice drove her out of the bedroom. She looked at Pablo’s bed, and found it empty. She walked into the kitchen with sleepy eyes.

“Akka, look what you got,” Pablo raced to his sister.

“I got this Lego set with instructions; all the designs are easy to follow. Actually, I can make a plane, a train and a submarine and a number of other machines I can think of,” said Pablo, excitement making him stammer.

Sofia found her mom and dad looking at them rather incredulously.

On the table before them lay, four volumes of Rowling’s latest Harry Potter adventures.


To this day, the family has no idea who sent them those gifts. There is no clue of the sender’s address. It simply said, “Anonymous.”

Can wonders happen in this scientific era?








Night of the White Hallows

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