A Snowy world of joy



In a winter world of buttery snow

stands a dream house of long ago.

The twilight luminescence in the sky

its white glow on creek’s water lies.


Ruby sunset filters through the pine leaves,

glistening snow covers the land, a giant sheet.

Lavender dusk dims the day light; stars flicker,

lamps burn, hearths kindle; a cat curls in a wicker.


Voices float from the casements fine,

fragrance of roses and lilies in prime

rises in the airy current to embalm

the dreary world with peaceful calm.


Boys and girls get set to the village fair

charge in a one-horse-open-sleigh dare.

Their faces fresh, their hearts young and so free,

Christmas cheer fills the world; all the cares flee.




A Snowy world of joy

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