Of Love That Uplifts




Love is not pretending.

It yields not to demand

or command, frowns upon

cowards, has no peers.


It nurtures on free and fresh

minds and hearts, on spirits untouched

by malice, jealousy and possessiveness.

Few are equal to its challenges and charms.


Love is the be-all and end-all

of all life, the only rationale

behind existence, the ozone

that shields from mental decay.


It is not easy to understand,

beats an intelligent man

to submit to its whims.

It tests our patience,


turns one mad and wistful.

Beautiful beyond debate,

love is irresistible even to

the time-tested cynic.


Pessimism melts in the warmth

of love; it cleanses the criminal,

enlivens the dull philosopher,

makes me feel like a queen of hearts.




Lines: 24


Of Love That Uplifts

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