Earth’s Imapact



The returning soldier falling on his knees,

bends his grateful head to kiss and smell

the earth of his birth, her fragrance headier

than the headiest wine of freshly plucked grapes.


What’s it with you mother that reminds me

of Paradise, a place that has snowy capped

mountains, crystal clear water streaming down

their slopes, spreading across the vale, a source


of life for countless millions sustained by your

bounty, blessing and beneficence and nothing else?

Despite the plunder and destruction for selfish ends,

Despite the disrespect and damnation heaped on you,


You my mother, show a love that far surpasses

that of the fickle-minded, the frail, the inconsequential.


Earth’s Imapact




Somewhere in the jungles of the rocky Kumaon

A phenomenon moved silent and stealthy.

Hamlets spread around the foothills creeping on

to the majestic mountain indifferent to nature.


Tribesmen lay dormant, lost to dreamless sleep,

in huts made of mud and thatch, like black dots

on a white sky, like unwanted appendages to

ancient ranges timeless sentinels to regal nature.


The irreverent knew not of the forces released

on their villages and miles of vegetation

green and vibrant. In the dead of the rain-

drenched dark night, sudden screams of


terror and pain sliced through the waves of

chill and smog waking thousands that slept

the slumber of the damned lot without a care.

Their horror-filled eyes saw the hill- sides


caving in and a rude shower of rocky soil,

ice-cold flood  pounding down ending lives and livestock.

The gushing water sounded the alarm for

an ambitious, greedy race that never learns.


“You frail human being! Beware and never

trespass the sacred lands of Mother Earth.”



Kumaon is a maze of mountains, part of the Himalaya range, some of which are among the loftiest known. In a tract not more than 225 km in length and 65 km in breadth there are over thirty peaks rising to elevations exceeding 5500 m. But this hadn’t stopped the greedy from desecrating the stately ranges.