on a summer day in the leafy woods



The leafy woods shone

Like polished silver on that

cool bright summer morning,

A day with all its beauty

Remains a source of joy

even after a dozen years.


As I walked through

A narrow beaten path

In the dense leafy wood

Covered in leaves of

A variety of green,

Solace to spirit.


I came upon a sudden

Clearing, a circular patch

of brown earth surrounded

by towering trees, white mist

moving in the branches

Against a spectrum of sunlight


coming from behind the dark

Hill ranges turning unexpectedly

Like an oleander, from white to

Lavender to blue and violet

Pink to red and numerous hues

In between and around the obvious.


Music floated on the wings of wind

Blowing from all four directions

A captivating raga on the magical

Dawn, on a spirit’s awakening from

Sleep to consciousness, from

Untruth to truth, from death to life.


Lines: 30




on a summer day in the leafy woods

Devil’s Food

When I have to make a choice
between the delicious devil’s food cake
and Angel food cake, I’m at a loss to voice
my preference; I enjoy both the bakes.

Rich chocolate layer with rich
chocolate frosting makes me sigh
and scream like one bewitched.
The delight’s heady and high.

It takes you straight to heaven
without a trace of the devil.
The luscious cake’s god-given.
Now I know why it’s a baker’s marvel.

It is not one of sugary creamy excesses.
Pair the devil with a scoop of ice-cream
feel the excellent appeasing smoothness
you’ll no doubt forget the balance beam.

Devil’s Food