Music to my soul

The river water, a glossy mirror

waves lap on the pebbly shore.

The red gold sun slowly sinks

a riot of pinks, oranges and lavender

spreads from sky to sky; merging hues

create sheer music to my soul.


The crisp west wind blows across

the granite hills cool on my heated skin,

piping a tune dances with the green leaves

setting them aflutter with renewed joy;

consoling and cajoling a tired traveler

to venture forth on an uneven terrain

of sudden turns and bends like the path

of life from the beginning of time.


Birds fly homeward in the twilight sky

eager to reach their young in the nests

atop the Banyan and the Mango branches.

Their song of joy of going home

fills the evening as the stars begin

to twinkle above; the moon rises,

a glorious orb of light and bliss

a whole world, hill and dale thrill

under the mantle of luminous silver

brings divine music to my soul.




Music to my soul

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