In a crowded room

The long wait for a flight
In a crowded room.
Present vanishes.
Self insulated.
Noise fades,
Mind rises,

Travels backwards,
Forward at will

The beauty of the places,
People and things,
The difference,
The milieu,
The time,

The greetings unbidden,
Smiles, the curtsey
The nods, wishes
“Be back soon”
“Love you so”
“Miss you.”

Summer-fest on the tree-lined lane.
Oils, watercolors, filigree,
Food, bonhomie, drinks.
‘Water for the elephants’
‘Inheritors of loss’
Book clubs.

John and Kim, family friends.
Love of dresses, colors,
Indian ways, Namaste,
Quiet quintessence,
Lotus eyed looks,
Radiant eats.

Home again
To love, to live
To breathe in the sea,
The mountains, sage-like.
Innocent, ignorant, enlightened
Masses, their patience unduly exploited.

The conscious
Hovers, searches
For a meeting point
Between the past, future,
Love, hate, contempt, praise
Looking for harmony in a crowded room.

Lines: 48

In a crowded room

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