Music to my soul

The river water, a glossy mirror

waves lap on the pebbly shore.

The red gold sun slowly sinks

a riot of pinks, oranges and lavender

spreads from sky to sky; merging hues

create sheer music to my soul.


The crisp west wind blows across

the granite hills cool on my heated skin,

piping a tune dances with the green leaves

setting them aflutter with renewed joy;

consoling and cajoling a tired traveler

to venture forth on an uneven terrain

of sudden turns and bends like the path

of life from the beginning of time.


Birds fly homeward in the twilight sky

eager to reach their young in the nests

atop the Banyan and the Mango branches.

Their song of joy of going home

fills the evening as the stars begin

to twinkle above; the moon rises,

a glorious orb of light and bliss

a whole world, hill and dale thrill

under the mantle of luminous silver

brings divine music to my soul.




Music to my soul

on a summer day in the leafy woods



The leafy woods shone

Like polished silver on that

cool bright summer morning,

A day with all its beauty

Remains a source of joy

even after a dozen years.


As I walked through

A narrow beaten path

In the dense leafy wood

Covered in leaves of

A variety of green,

Solace to spirit.


I came upon a sudden

Clearing, a circular patch

of brown earth surrounded

by towering trees, white mist

moving in the branches

Against a spectrum of sunlight


coming from behind the dark

Hill ranges turning unexpectedly

Like an oleander, from white to

Lavender to blue and violet

Pink to red and numerous hues

In between and around the obvious.


Music floated on the wings of wind

Blowing from all four directions

A captivating raga on the magical

Dawn, on a spirit’s awakening from

Sleep to consciousness, from

Untruth to truth, from death to life.


Lines: 30




on a summer day in the leafy woods

Devil’s Food

When I have to make a choice
between the delicious devil’s food cake
and Angel food cake, I’m at a loss to voice
my preference; I enjoy both the bakes.

Rich chocolate layer with rich
chocolate frosting makes me sigh
and scream like one bewitched.
The delight’s heady and high.

It takes you straight to heaven
without a trace of the devil.
The luscious cake’s god-given.
Now I know why it’s a baker’s marvel.

It is not one of sugary creamy excesses.
Pair the devil with a scoop of ice-cream
feel the excellent appeasing smoothness
you’ll no doubt forget the balance beam.

Devil’s Food

Earth’s Imapact



The returning soldier falling on his knees,

bends his grateful head to kiss and smell

the earth of his birth, her fragrance headier

than the headiest wine of freshly plucked grapes.


What’s it with you mother that reminds me

of Paradise, a place that has snowy capped

mountains, crystal clear water streaming down

their slopes, spreading across the vale, a source


of life for countless millions sustained by your

bounty, blessing and beneficence and nothing else?

Despite the plunder and destruction for selfish ends,

Despite the disrespect and damnation heaped on you,


You my mother, show a love that far surpasses

that of the fickle-minded, the frail, the inconsequential.


Earth’s Imapact




Somewhere in the jungles of the rocky Kumaon

A phenomenon moved silent and stealthy.

Hamlets spread around the foothills creeping on

to the majestic mountain indifferent to nature.


Tribesmen lay dormant, lost to dreamless sleep,

in huts made of mud and thatch, like black dots

on a white sky, like unwanted appendages to

ancient ranges timeless sentinels to regal nature.


The irreverent knew not of the forces released

on their villages and miles of vegetation

green and vibrant. In the dead of the rain-

drenched dark night, sudden screams of


terror and pain sliced through the waves of

chill and smog waking thousands that slept

the slumber of the damned lot without a care.

Their horror-filled eyes saw the hill- sides


caving in and a rude shower of rocky soil,

ice-cold flood  pounding down ending lives and livestock.

The gushing water sounded the alarm for

an ambitious, greedy race that never learns.


“You frail human being! Beware and never

trespass the sacred lands of Mother Earth.”



Kumaon is a maze of mountains, part of the Himalaya range, some of which are among the loftiest known. In a tract not more than 225 km in length and 65 km in breadth there are over thirty peaks rising to elevations exceeding 5500 m. But this hadn’t stopped the greedy from desecrating the stately ranges.






Heaven of freedom

Like the bird set free from an alluring
cage, ready to fly into the wide white
skies of unlimited freedom, let the caged
brethren of our earth find themselves

in the lands of liberty breathing the cool
and consoling winds of joy and peace.
As the pigeon poised to taste the sweet
delights of being on its own, away from

the confining restraints of bondage and
slavery, let me and my fellowmen
escape the chains of the irrational,
the unimaginative, and the unsympathetic,

into a heaven of freedom where we
think and act with sense and truth
as our guiding lights, the Supreme
Master, our ruling star, and none other.

Heaven of freedom

My Horizons


My hills, my valleys,

my evergreen trees,

how I love to hug you!

Days are never the same

with maiden Nature skipping on

the crystal clear waters

gurgling through boulder

and bush; renewed radiance

glittering gemlike embraces my eyes,

my being; the dreamy flowers bloom

in a scented spectrum of soothing colors

decorating the valley and the mountainsides,

the fragrant wind wafts at will in the early

sunlight of this quiet, cool December morn.


My heart dances to the song

of Nature as she takes me

to her boulevards of beauty,

splendor and tranquility.

Her melody echoes in the wide

white sky, through the translucent

blue of the distant ocean that spreads

to the very end of this land

my land, my heaven of freedom.


My ever-endearing mate,

my steady companion

through unnumbered lives

of the past and future,

Nature spreads around

generously; gently

beckoning, giving me

a chance to learn to be patient,

kind and considerate, impartial,

shed malice and covetousness,

hopeful like a lotus in the mire.


My never-changing, immortal

friend, guide and philosopher!

mother-like, you are ever present

to wipe my tears, clear my frown,

lift me from the sinking sands

of disillusion, and resentment.

I prithee my Mother Nature,

forgive us frail mortals, of our

uncouth, ignorant, rude ways.

Inspire us, kind Spirit, to fall

in step with your worthy, gracious self.


Lines: 45




My Horizons