The Scent of Wonder

The eldest son
All the way from
(The last of the continents)
came to perform
the last rites
of his father
who died a week
before in India.

The day was full
of events big and small.
The dead man’s memory
hung like a veil
of wood smoke on
one and all.

The boy
met some relatives
long lost absentees
of vague memories,
of bygone years.
The melting distance
in deep affectionate bonds.

The scent of wonder
In the heart of a loner.

At the end of the day,
the ceremony over and goodbyes said,
we returned to our places
Speeding home in blackened coaches
Crossed the clogged bridges
Passed some muddy rivers

Saw some sprawling solitary hills
And speeding leaf-heavy trees
Blooming nameless
Flowers and forests,
Kites flying in perfect groups
Ruffle of white feathers.

Crowded compartments
Unreserved travelers
Standing in the aisles
In groups and single files
The milling crowds
strange faces
unknown destinations.

Beautiful village belles
Handsome males
Tall dark cool devils
The old leaning on young shoulders
The children in mothers’ laps.

The scent of wonder
Here and yonder

Squatting huts
The poor inhabitants
Factory smoke
Industrial waste

All a part of
A peculiar paradise.

The scent of wonder
Now and ever.

The Scent of Wonder


A word of praise makes the day

for those within the world’s way.

But for those whose conscience never

sways, its happy days forever.


A rose blooms and withers

not to be coveted or for praise,

none can take its beauty or grace

in nature it breathes and in it dies.


Human beings with greater tasks

must of need shed presumption and prejudice.

Its only when petty or self-conscious

Praise or malice affects.


Angelic kisses

Angelic Kisses


In the white wilderness of sand and stone

the dark river glistens under the faint

gleam of a pale crescent moon.


In the frightening flicker of thick green

a single ray of shining sun stirs the bush

and pierces the gloom.


In the vast wideness of the infinite sea

a lone bird flies from far horizon

signals the sailor of a safe harbor.


In my own endless battle between truth

and illusion, an occasional spark of

insight enlivens me to the gossamer


touch of delicate, delicious angelic kisses.


Angelic kisses

The Second Skin


I grew a second skin.

Now I am thick skinned.

Nothing disturbs and none

Can have me affected.


It’s a kind of life suspended

I live, which by me is inspired.

Emotions and thoughts vanished.

I take in all and by all received.


No losers here and no winners

A terrain flat, no ups and downs.

All’s equal and all’s fine.

Faces known and unknown


To me make no difference

Is it a short cut to nirvana?

If it is, I have crossed the odds

And lost myself in the skies.


The Second Skin

sing me a song

Sing Me A Song

My fairy friends dancing on the soft
scented flowers in hues by the score;
swaying on the wings of mild summer
winds from sky to sky; frolicking on

the clean crystal translucence of streams,
rivers and oceans! Sing me a song, a song
full of lasting love; a song to celebrate the
glory of nature, the kindest of all elements

that lets multitudes to thrive on her grace.
Celestial essences that guard the universe!
Come and whisper a melody of sweetness
to me, so I can lead my life without stress.

Bless me with an evergreen song of joy so
I can be like the evergreen tree that blooms
through the seasons with the same spark of
spreading hope and happiness through the world.

sing me a song

Music to my soul

The river water, a glossy mirror

waves lap on the pebbly shore.

The red gold sun slowly sinks

a riot of pinks, oranges and lavender

spreads from sky to sky; merging hues

create sheer music to my soul.


The crisp west wind blows across

the granite hills cool on my heated skin,

piping a tune dances with the green leaves

setting them aflutter with renewed joy;

consoling and cajoling a tired traveler

to venture forth on an uneven terrain

of sudden turns and bends like the path

of life from the beginning of time.


Birds fly homeward in the twilight sky

eager to reach their young in the nests

atop the Banyan and the Mango branches.

Their song of joy of going home

fills the evening as the stars begin

to twinkle above; the moon rises,

a glorious orb of light and bliss

a whole world, hill and dale thrill

under the mantle of luminous silver

brings divine music to my soul.




Music to my soul

on a summer day in the leafy woods



The leafy woods shone

Like polished silver on that

cool bright summer morning,

A day with all its beauty

Remains a source of joy

even after a dozen years.


As I walked through

A narrow beaten path

In the dense leafy wood

Covered in leaves of

A variety of green,

Solace to spirit.


I came upon a sudden

Clearing, a circular patch

of brown earth surrounded

by towering trees, white mist

moving in the branches

Against a spectrum of sunlight


coming from behind the dark

Hill ranges turning unexpectedly

Like an oleander, from white to

Lavender to blue and violet

Pink to red and numerous hues

In between and around the obvious.


Music floated on the wings of wind

Blowing from all four directions

A captivating raga on the magical

Dawn, on a spirit’s awakening from

Sleep to consciousness, from

Untruth to truth, from death to life.


Lines: 30




on a summer day in the leafy woods