Light and shade of life

Light and shade of life

Even as I go through some trying times
every dawn, everyday feels truly fine.
Each day wears a new color, a new quality
through which I can learn to live with jollity.

Minutes too change color and shade.
Mood and mind make me walk, or wade
through waves of life that surround me.
The subtle hand of the Supreme I sometimes see.

I wonder why we think so much about our lives,
when most of the time it is events that govern our ties.
Pleasure brings hope; pain makes us go through fire.
The first makes us happy, the second gives reason to cry.

If I reign in emotions and thoughts, the culprits
that damage our health, happiness and small bits
of satisfaction, perhaps I can rise above the morass,
and see the very purpose behind life I come to pass.


Light and shade of life

Each Day

Each Day

Each day I wake up in fear
I think of past and my eyes tear
Longing for you my dear
Will it be fine, will be it fine?

The day moves on relentless
Each hour spent restless
Hoping and praying endless
For you to return, for you to return.

We go through the motions
Building renewing new notions
Each movement opens great options
So we live well, so we live well.

The future is no more grim
You train yourself to be trim
Your strength refills to the brim
Thank thee my Lord, thank thee my Lord.


Each Day

It is time to give thanks 

To life’s little wonders
That let me live in peace
And living separateness
It’s time to give thanks.

To the bright sunlit days
To blissful restful nights
To the harmony of seasons
For a year of health and peace,

To friends and loved ones
Who stood by me in joy and sadness
To countless acquaintances
That brought me new awareness,

To those with quiet effulgence
kind words, thoughts and deeds
And to those with no malice
Cruelty or cold indifference,

To the warm-hearted
To the sensible-minded
To the selfless
To the gracious,

To all those precious
People whose concerns
Are only for others
It’s time to give thanks.

It is time to give thanks 


The eternal sea
An inseparable element
Ruled my life, my earth.

Its waves of wonder
Held me captive
A compulsive, needy sailor

Year after year
I returned to the Deep
Its salty breath, my livelihood.

I resented its grip
The steely claw I longed
To escape from, to find freedom.

None would have me
No job so steady, lasting
Except her berth of translucence.

Her aquamarine expanse
Through the engine porthole
Wiped away the heat, the loneliness.

Sweetheart whispering
By night, a companion in the Sun
Her lavender evenings soothed my spirit.

The primordial sea
Its endless spiritedness
Heaving, throbbing, terrifying.

The fall-rise, relentless
The pattern fitting that of life
Calm now, stormy again, no one knows.

Home again today
The safe harbor they say.
I know I must go back to her

The spell comes back
And before I realized it
Caught again in her net of wonder.

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Tender Delight


I feel I am floating on air.
Are you the star
In the cloudy sky?
You heavenly beauty!
You swing my heart
You move my fancy.
Who are you?

You are the color
That fills my pallor
You are the butterfly
That enriches my life.
Come, my love,
Flood me, submerge me,
I rock in the river of your love.

Clouds on earth
Flowers in the sky
My name becomes you
My shape changes into you
Bitter is sweet
Pain is pleasure
In the warm cloak of your love.

Sun in darkness
Moon in the day
Stars in the stream
The Sahara in bloom
Nectar in every part
Of life and heart
In the sprinkle of your love.

This coming together
An unforgettable rapture.
The distant star
Appears closer.
You wipe my tears,
You are my succor
In hard times ever.

Yes, you are my light
My own tender delight.

Tender Delight

Send me a rainbow


When my world is filled with sorrow

My kindly Father, send me a rainbow.

When darkness threatens to overpower,

when my spirit sinks lower and lower,


When my days offer nothing but a void,

when hate and injustice I cannot avoid,

when I am driven to the edge of insanity,

I have none but You to look for serenity.


Let me rise above the contradictions,

not falter in the face of constrictions.

Let me see the light of  beauty, love

and hope in the colorful arc from above.


Send me a rainbow

Welcome Dawn

A red gold sun rises in the east,
the valley lights up in amber rays.
The carpet of green glows, iridescent.
Flowers dance in joyous abandon
to the brand new song of the birds.

A whole new day dawns; the veil
of darkness lifts and drifts away.
The message of hope and love is
heard on the flute of the wind; its
voice tries to reach an inert world.

A stillness follows as if in silent ovation
to the grand symphony, a glorious tribute
to the breathtaking, peace giving beauty
of nature, to the Hand that painted the
superb scene on the canvas of the universe.

Welcome Dawn