Christmas Spirit

Crowded market despite the warning.
To heck with the Carona virus!
Armed with masks and distancing
let’s purge it with the spirit of Christmas

They got the tree from the farm
It sat in the hallway with grace
the family brought out its charm
decorations lit up the whole place.

Christmas Spirit

Nut butter jam sandwich

Not all can afford to enjoy food they love.

With nut butter jam sandwich on the plate

I can hardly think of the piling calories

yet will power pushes me to put it aside

for a tumbler of fresh orange juice instead.

Coffee or tea? not at all. Caffeine is bad for

stomach and brain they tell me. simple living

and high thinking, alas! for the age of wisdom.

Nut butter jam sandwich

Chilly Days

Chilly days and welcome sun
the hill and vale veiled in mist
long shadows on the green turf
the blue of the sea and sky merge.

Not much movement on the road.
people and pets still ensconced
in the warmth of home and hearth
lost to the world in dawn dreams.

Chilly Days

Still Loving You

Years pass

Past loses to present

And the present melts

Into future.


Yet, you continue

To lure me

To fascinate

And captivate me.


I am forever

Lost to your charms

Your never failing

Support, your abiding affection.


I am still loving you and grateful

For the kind of person

You’ve made me

With your elements.


You’ve nurtured me

With your good deeds

I see the beauty and beneficence

You’ve spread around


For my blissful pleasure.

I hear the divine rhythm

of the Vedas, the Upanishads

The immortal music


Of the saints, the worshippers

Of Muse and the eternal Nature forever

Echoing in the atmosphere

Of your earth, my Heaven.


By what measure

Can I repay this generosity?

My mother, my loving land

If I am to be born again


Let me come to you

To shelter in your graceful

Bosom, to bathe in the river

Of your milky kindness.


For, years pass

I still love you.




The Vedas are the ancient Hindu scriptures.

The Upanishads form the core of Hindu teachings.

Still Loving You

Winter comfort

Every winter from across the hills,
sweeping through the listless plains,
the winter breeze and bitter cold,
surround me in many a fold.

My waiting eyes and hopeful heart,
read the news of his coming home.
Everyday hence dawns on a joyful note,
mist and fog, chill and cold fall apart.

Winter takes on a splendid form.

He is the spring to my winter,
fills my world with warm presence.
He is the Sun that shatters fear,
my son, of strength and balance.

Winter comfort

A cherished Dream

If dreams comprise life,
then mine is one long
beautiful, cherished dream.
Contentment is the core
of my existence, definition
of my days and nights.

What is loneliness?
Never did I feel it or its
shades as described.
All colors appeal to me.
My emotions are ever
in balance, cool and collected.

I am OK, for I converse
with Him on a daily basis.
You should try it to know.
He never betrays, never
leaves you in the lurch.
Takes all my complaints

notes all that gives rise to
sadness, grief or discontent,
replaces them with gladness
love and eye-filling light.

What else can you ask for?
You can see why I said
my life is a lovely dream,
A long song of joy
And a delightful
Celebration of His
creativity, kindness and grace.

A cherished Dream

Rush of Peace

Under the canopy of trees
Fanning the sky
Amid the tall pines
Veiling the horizon

By the loom of the hills
Wearing rainbow colored flowers
Across the sun-kissed sea
Shining with blue gold sequins

From the fond memories
Of the beloved and the loved ones
From the fruitful experience
Of life’s fluid enigmas

By solving the unsolved
By bearing the unbearable
By reaching the unreachable
By treating the pundit, pariah

A dog and an elephant
Equally, on the same footing
The mind opens
To a rush of peace.

Rush of Peace

A place so loving…

That’s what my house has always been
for countless cousins, dearly loved kith and kin.
They come in droves for the holidays.
The older people to lie back and relax,

The younger ones to enjoy the cuisine,
books, beach and intelligent fencing.
They found it here easy to breathe,
to laugh, to talk, to move at will.

No dictates of time, space or domestic chores,
no parental vigil, strictures or unit tests.
Visiting local sights, parks and pretty friends
enhanced their eagerness to come back again.

And again and again to play and relax
under the golden sun lighting their gloom,
the soft breeze scented and soothing,
a place where they can be themselves.

A place so loving…