Tender Delight


I feel I am floating on air.
Are you the star
In the cloudy sky?
You heavenly beauty!
You swing my heart
You move my fancy.
Who are you?

You are the color
That fills my pallor
You are the butterfly
That enriches my life.
Come, my love,
Flood me, submerge me,
I rock in the river of your love.

Clouds on earth
Flowers in the sky
My name becomes you
My shape changes into you
Bitter is sweet
Pain is pleasure
In the warm cloak of your love.

Sun in darkness
Moon in the day
Stars in the stream
The Sahara in bloom
Nectar in every part
Of life and heart
In the sprinkle of your love.

This coming together
An unforgettable rapture.
The distant star
Appears closer.
You wipe my tears,
You are my succor
In hard times ever.

Yes, you are my light
My own tender delight.

Tender Delight

Send me a rainbow


When my world is filled with sorrow

My kindly Father, send me a rainbow.

When darkness threatens to overpower,

when my spirit sinks lower and lower,


When my days offer nothing but a void,

when hate and injustice I cannot avoid,

when I am driven to the edge of insanity,

I have none but You to look for serenity.


Let me rise above the contradictions,

not falter in the face of constrictions.

Let me see the light of  beauty, love

and hope in the colorful arc from above.


Send me a rainbow

Welcome Dawn

A red gold sun rises in the east,
the valley lights up in amber rays.
The carpet of green glows, iridescent.
Flowers dance in joyous abandon
to the brand new song of the birds.

A whole new day dawns; the veil
of darkness lifts and drifts away.
The message of hope and love is
heard on the flute of the wind; its
voice tries to reach an inert world.

A stillness follows as if in silent ovation
to the grand symphony, a glorious tribute
to the breathtaking, peace giving beauty
of nature, to the Hand that painted the
superb scene on the canvas of the universe.

Welcome Dawn


It is my endless dream to live
a life of total independence.
To think, say and do as I like
is just great, but that’s not all.

I know I’m not an island.
I need people, I have my preferences.
Society nurtures my likes and
dislikes making me happy or sad.
Am I really independent?

Ties and bonds cut my freedom.
Prejudice and pride blind my thought.
The day I rise above good and bad
I am irrevocably independent.


Those Little White Flowers

The day was hot, I mean yesterday,
the night was muggy, last night.
It cooled by dawn, the day rose
bright with an orange sun, the way
I love, my path paved with pure
white flowers fluttering in the wind.
My breathing measured, my spirit
refreshed by the little white flowers
shining like earth-born stars in stately
splendor, rest on the thick green bush.

Those little white flowers I pick
to decorate and worship the lord
glowing like gems in the semi dark dawn
lend hope and delight to one more day.
The song of cuckoo from the branches
of an unknown tree in the distant forest
thrills my heart awakening a dormant spring.
Forever I am inspired by the quietude around
the house, painting the color of peaceful life.

Temple bells start ringing, alert me to get
going, growing, changing and evolving
time to learn, to know, to hold, to share.
For, life says the voice, is a gift, a treasure
chest of beauty, kindness, cheer and splendor.

So come along my Love, we will yet
travel the lanes of wonder and charm,
discover vistas of inherent grace and
grandeur in nature and in the world at large.
There’s no room for gloom and fear,
no time to ponder or grieve the past.
Let’s enjoy the sunlight and wind
on our faces, and celebrate the limitless
love for each other and for everyone else.

Those Little White Flowers

Why Me?

I do not ask why me God?
For, I know His ways are just.
If I pause to think why things
happen in a certain way,

I’m sure I get the answers.
He is neither a puzzle nor an enigma
like we humans are, or our ways.
We say something, mean something.

His ways are direct and simple.
We just need to understand,
wait till the fog clears.
There is no better well-wisher than Him.

He is after us till we get His meaning.
How patient He is! How concerned!
So I’d rather ask why not me God?
Lead me to a world without malice,

where love and truth alone rule my life.

Why Me?

Whisper a melody

I am drawn to her melodic whispers
irresistible, endless and enchanting.
With my vision clear and my hearing
distinct, I envisage her eternal dance,
lost forever in her paths of splendor.

The spring in her feet unravels the charms
of flora, her youthful blush fills the world.
With gushing falls and crystalline streams
ringing like silver bells on her elegant anklets,
she soars like a fairy singing of joy and hope.

Her priceless, plentiful, blessed bounty shines
in splendor, in the bright sun of warm summer.
A  lilting tune of maturing love and sweetness
spreads; sunlight conquers darkness and disease,
blesses all with the boon of health and happiness.

In the velvety nights of rain-washed skies
studded with the heavenly gems of eternal
exquisite effervescence, and in the mild light
of cool and contented days, her melody floats
on the soft and silky wings of gentle winds.

She lounges in the autumnal fields, under the
canopy of a colored spectrum that extends
from horizon to horizon strange and ethereal,
like the ambience of a much awaited twilight
at the end of a long, long journey through

the ups and downs of vales, hills and dense forests.
She, my Mother Nature rests silent and subsumed.
She whispers a melody that pervades the fields of snow,
lulls the world to dream about another beginning marked
by the Divine Advent, aspirations for a New Year full of love.

Whisper a melody